Keep is not the only one looking to tap into this market. Hangzhou Leche Network Technology Co Ltd, which also started out as a sports software developer, has been expanding into the gym market at a rather impressive rate

Opening the "Free Sports Field" app, Li Jian, dressed in sports attire, began to follow the online course on the treadmill to practice ......5 On 25 May, at the 2018 China International Sporting Goods Expo, which opened at the Shanghai National Convention and Exhibition Center, in addition to the traditional The reporter saw more "sweeping experience", and internet companies like Keep, and "third-party medical testing institutions" that focus on clinical testing, such as "Goldfield Medical". The "third-party medical testing agency", which focuses on clinical testing, is also involved in the traditional event of the sporting goods industry.

Phenomenon one: Internet companies are busy ploughing offline

Li Jian, 32 years old, from Shanghai, now online distribution of sporting goods equipment, is a fitness expert who likes to run. "Because I have the app Keep on my phone, they launched the K1 treadmill, so of course I was interested in learning about it. What made me interested? The online 'running classes' of course."

Keep, which started as a fitness application, developed its first smart treadmill, the K1, "and as of December last year, we have been topping the 'sports and fitness app user penetration rankings'. The 130 million registered users and 30 million monthly active users, from which we have obtained more than 900 million accumulated data, are precisely the basis of our product development and our advantage." Wang Liang, Vice President of Keep Sports Product Division, said.

In March this year, K1 debuted in Jingdong, and the first physical shop "Keepland (fitness space)" opened in Beijing Huamao Center at the same time. ...... This series of offline actions are aimed at the indoor fitness and outdoor running crowd, which has a huge population.

Keep is not the only one looking to tap into this market. Hangzhou Leche Network Technology Co Ltd, which also started out as a sports software developer, has been expanding into the gym market at a rather impressive rate. Founded less than three years ago, it has expanded its "small gym model" of 300 square meters each to eight cities, including Beijing and Shanghai, with a total of 350 shops built nationwide, expected to grow to 1,000 by 2018 ...... Internet companies are busy ploughing offline The new industry has become a new form of development in China's sports industry, and it has become unstoppable.

Phenomenon 2: Cross-border integration becomes a trend

"We are here for the first time to participate in the Sports Expo." The concept of big health and the combination of sports and medicine ...... has made many new faces appear at the Sports Expo over the years, and Huis Amp is one of them.

The company, which specialises in the design, development, production and sales of medical equipment and systems in the biomedical field, brought its PMA "Microcirculation Repair System" for professional athletes and HRA "Health Risk Assessment System" for national fitness and "integration of physical medicine" to the Expo for the first time. The two major devices are "Health Risk Assessment System".

In 2016, the Central Committee of the Communist Party of China and the State Council issued the "Health China 2030" planning outline, setting a clear goal: by 2020, the total scale of China's health service industry exceeds 8 trillion yuan, and by 2030, it will reach 16 trillion yuan. Health management is prevention-oriented and the gateway is moving forward, which undoubtedly creates a broader space for the integration of physical medicine.

The third-party medical testing agency and listed company "Goldfield Medical", which specialises in clinical testing, brought along a sequencing instrument for genetic testing, with a large font that reads "A private and exclusive one-stop accurate solution to rewrite your exercise path", together with photos of handsome men and women. The large font of "Private and Exclusive One-Stop Precise Solutions, Rewrite Your Exercise Path", together with the photos of handsome men and women with devilish bodies, was very impactful and seductive.

"Changzhou Sports and Health Industry Park opened in September last year, unlike traditional industrial parks, we do not do manufacturing, but take design as the entry point to drive product incubation, display and marketing, and do a good job of cross-border integration of sports with education, with artificial intelligence and with the Internet." Li Erdong, general manager of Changzhou Tongtian Industrial Investment Co Ltd, a representative of the exhibitors, told reporters that the first batch of companies to move in include industrial design companies, university research and development institutions, and sports rehabilitation centres.

Sports + medical, sports + tourism, sports + education ...... cross-border integration of multiple fields has been the general trend.

Phenomenon 3: Emerging products still have room to grow

"Boss, is there a photoelectric heart rate sports watch?" A young man asked Chen Wei, the person in charge of "Songlu" in the sports and leisure exhibition area. The company from Shenzhen specialises in the development and production of sports watches, "We have photoelectric heart rate watches, triathlon watches, mountain climbing watches, fishing and diving watches, we have them all. 2013 has been the year when these products were available in China, but the growth has been rapid in the past two years." Chen Wei said.

Undoubtedly this is related to the continued rise of outdoor sports represented by road running, cycling and mountaineering, driving the consumption of sports equipment to explode. According to the 2017 China Sports Development and Consumption Report, statistics show that the scale of domestic road running event participation in 2017 was close to 5 million people, and the regular participation in the mountain outdoor population exceeded 60 million people.

Running shoes and sports watches have become the standard for road runners. "I used to run with a heart rate band, it was strangling, now I want to buy a piece with photoelectricity, it saves me time and is comfortable." The young man said this.

Since 2014, wearable devices represented by smart watches have become the new darling of the sports and health market. Ups and downs, like the production of sports bracelets Nike FuelBand, Fitbit, Jawbone up in a predicament, but sports watches, smart clothing is still growing promising. "Break through the bottleneck and perhaps turn into the fast lane of development." An industry insider said this. (Zhou Meng)

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